About Mantis Den


  • Have you ever considered why some of your customers perceive your product to be average? Could it be that they are not aware of all its functions?

  • Wouldn’t you be pleased if you could reduce the budget and time spent on training? (Prospects, clients, customers, product specialists and trainers)

  • Does your sales team complain that they are losing productive sales time? (By dealing with never-ending after-sales calls)

  • Online videos, like Youtube etc, sound like a solution. However they are not. (Third-party videos often lack specific content/context and may frustrate your customers)


  • The videos are not made by professionals, resulting in clients wasting time, bandwidth and money, looking for the right content.

  • Youtube is not interactive and makes it difficult to find and/or refer back to the relevant section of a video.

  • Clips can not be saved for future reference.

  • Customers might have had bad experiences with Youtube.

  • Youtube videos do not meet every age group and skill level’s requirements.

  • For these reason clients will be discouraged, and will revert back to calling your service department for assistance.


  • Free up more face-to-face selling time, by reducing time spent on excessive and repetitive customer training and support.

  • Use the interactive functionality as an added benefit allowing the clients to select and view only the relevant sections as often as required (even years after the sale has been made) eliminating non-critical phone calls.

  • Rule out personal/emotional conflicts that may arise due to personality clashes during face-to-face trainings.

  • Convert your satisfied customers into voluntary marketers when they understand your products 100%


  • Your product will be perceived as more sophisticated when you include a professionally produced IVT, giving you an “unfair” advantage over the competition.
  • Interactive Video Tutorials (IVT) can be used by people of all ages from diverse backgrounds.
  • IVT solutions are offered on different formats such as:
    • smart devices (phones, tablets, Android, IOS)
    • computer platforms
    • touch-screen interfaces
    • DVD, VCD
    • USB memory stick, SD card
    • website/on-line
  • IVT solutions save valuable time spent on non-productive client calls.
  • IVT interactivity increases your client’s attention span, resulting in a shorter and more efficient learning duration as well as extended retention times.
  • IVT offers low-cost and fast-to-market training solutions, surpassing printed media and traditional video productions by far.
  • Mantis Den offers fast updates and modifications for IVT products.
  • Clients can demonstrate and endorse your product around their social circles, resulting in word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Due to the possibility of copying and sharing, IVT products can create additional product advertising.
  • Confidence in knowing that an IVT will be included with the product will motivate your clients choose your product over the competition.
  • Including IVT with your products will speed up the decision-making process, enabling you to close the sale without time consuming objections.